Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Diolkos

  • Q: How fast can I start to work with Diolkos?

A: Diolkos is an easy to use program and you can become productive in a short time. You can study the training videos in our page These videos explain with detail the functionality of the program upon various road design cases. 

Additionally in our page you will find the "Road Design Library". The library includes properly selected  design cases studied with Diolkos. 

  • Q:  Can I buy a program license by using a banking account?

A: You can buy a license of Diolkos by deposit money in our banking account. In this case you must contact with us for payment details.

A: We provide lifetime licenses.

  • Q: What about the upgrade fees of Diolkos?

A: When you buy a new license or an upgrade, you will get the next great update of our software free without any extra fee. For example, you can upgrade an existing license of Diolkos 7.x to Diolkos 8.x without any extra fee. If you want to upgrade your current version over the next upgrade, the extra fee is equal with 20% of the current product price.

  • Q: AutoCAD is needed?

A: No. Diolkos is separate application. If you work with DXF files, you can use any CAD application for post- and pre-processing. (DXF is a common file format in CAD applications) .

  • Q: How can I upgrade my current registered version of Diolkos?

A: First you must uninstall the current version from your PC. Then you must download (from our website) and install the current version of Diolkos (Trial version). The trial version is activated as full version automatically.

  • Q: How can I buy a license for the current installed trial version?

A: You can register the trial version (which is available in our web-site) by following the instructions described in the purchase page:

  • Q: How can I have the output drawings?

A: The output drawings (plan, profile, cross sections, etc.) can be exported in a DXF file or directly to AutoCAD. The output target is depended from the option chosen in the Design Parameters form.

  • Q: Can I transfer data between Diolkos and MS Excel?

A: Diolkos arrays are excel compatible. Thus, you can copy and paste arrays between Diolkos and Excel.

  • Q: How can I insert the terrain data in Diolkos?

A: The program can read the terrain model and the background drawing from DXF files or directly from AutoCAD (if AutoCAD is opened at the same time on the desktop).

  • Q: Diolkos can be used in all road design cases?

A: The program covers all the cases of road design. Thus, you can use it to design from small rural roads to highway arterial systems.

  • Q: There is any restriction in the number of vertices in horizontal vertical alignment or in the number of stations in the road design?

A: There is no such restriction.

  • Q: What are the system requirements?

A: CPU: P4 2.4 GHZ or better
RAM: 512 MB
H.D.: 200 MB free space in the hard disk
Card graphic: 128 ΜΒ DirectX
O.S.: Windows Vista , XP, 7
Lock: SoftKey or USB HaspKey
Install: CD-ROM

  • Q: If I make format to my hard disk, I will lose my registration data?

A: In this case we can provide you new registration data without extra fee.

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