WaterNET-CAD    Pipes network design software


WaterNET-CAD. Complete pipes network design software within autonomous CAD environment. Includes design modules for sewer, vacuum sewer, water distribution and stormwater network facilities. Creates professional reports for bill of quantities (BOQ) as well as reports of hydraulic calculation. 

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Main features

  • Autonomous software organized in modules.

  • Design for sewer, vacuum sewer, water distribution and stormwater network facilities.
  • Integrated within rich CAD environment.
  • Automatic subcatchment division.
  • Multiple networks in one project.
  • Hydraulic calculation based on EPANET and SWMM computational libraries.
  • Quick manage of large networks.



  • Complete and robust solution for designing all types of pipes network projects within rich CAD environment.
  • The program includes a great number of well known commands to edit graphic objects such as (Copy, Move, Rotate, Offset, trim etc). Export / Import of drawings with file format like DWG and DXF. Raster image insertion capability.
  • Design drawings for pipes connectivity in plan, profiles for all branches in network. Trenches sections based on backfill material and pavement restoration type.
  • Quick and easy insertion and modification of  network geometry using graphic object modification commands, properties dialog or grips.

  • Each pipe is defined as a single polyline in the drawing. The program includes 'Polyline to pipe' command in order to quick create network from existing drawings.
  • Automatic subcatchment division. The program automatically divide the building polygons (basins) based on bisector in each angle and assign the corresonding influence area to nearest pipe.
  • Quick and accurate modeling even for large networks having thousants of pipes and nodes. 
  • Quality hydraulic calculation based on EPANET and EPA SWMM computational libraries. Compatibility with *.inp file format.
  • Survey terrain from 3d faces (TIN). The program reads faces from a user defined layer. If you have terrain surface that is to be changed in later time (e.g additional pavement layer) you can organize each terrain surface in separate layer and design the network for all future cases.
  • Reports for bill of quantities (BOQ) and hydraulic computations.
  • Simply project manipulation. All the design data are stored in a single *.xml file. Free product support from specialist civil engineers with great experience in pipes network projects.

On line demonstration

You can request an on-line demonstration for the program by sending a relative e-mail in our support team.


For more details on how to use the software, you may download the WaterNET-CAD User's Guide from the following link.


Request the trial version of the software from the following link.  


Operating system:   Designed for MS Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10)

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